Beach Baby Essentials: Fun in the Sun! 

Are you ready to hit the beach with your little one? Make sure you have these beach baby essentials packed and ready to go for a memorable and enjoyable day by the shore. 

1️⃣ Sunscreen: Protect your baby’s delicate skin from harmful UV rays with a gentle and safe sunscreen specifically formulated for infants. Pediatricians recommend using a sunscreen that is mineral based and free from harmful ingredients. Choose a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with a high SPF and apply it generously before heading out.

Here are three of the top-rated sunscreens specifically for infants: / Coppertone Pure & Simple / Think Baby / Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection

 We chose the Coppertone pure and simple because it is a hypoallergenic formula and is safe for sensitive skin. Made without oxybenzone, cinoxate, PABA, and dyes.

2️⃣ Swimwear: Dress your beach baby in an adorable swimsuit or swim trunks that provide both sun protection and comfort. Look for swimwear with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) to provide an extra layer of defense against the sun’s rays. // Coco sand baby sunglasses with Strap // Baby Swim wear // Baby Swim wear // Baby Sun hat // The cute suit my granddaughter has on

3️⃣ Hats and Sunglasses: Shield your little one’s face and eyes from the sun by bringing along a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses designed for babies. It’s important to protect their sensitive eyes from harsh sunlight.

4️⃣ Beach Blanket or Mat: Create a cozy spot for your baby to relax and play by bringing a soft beach blanket or mat. It provides a clean and comfortable surface for them to explore the sand while staying protected from hot surfaces.

5️⃣ Beach Tent or Umbrella: Set up a shaded area with a beach tent or umbrella to provide a cool retreat from the sun. This will give your baby a place to rest, play, or take a nap while staying out of direct sunlight. // Navy stripe canopy // bbluv pop up play tent and canopy // Mint Sunshade Shelter // Pink pop up beach baby tent

6️⃣ Water Toys: Keep your little one entertained with some fun water toys. From colorful buckets and shovels for building sandcastles to floating toys for splashing in the water, these toys will add extra joy to their beach experience. // baby beach toys // silicone beach bucket and toys // 12-piece beach toys

 7️⃣Snacks and Drinks: Pack some healthy snacks and plenty of water to keep your beach baby hydrated and energized. Opt for easy-to-eat finger foods and remember to bring a cooler to keep everything fresh. // Plum Organics Fruit and Veggie food pouches

8️⃣ Extra Clothing and Diapers: Be prepared for any beachside mishaps by packing extra clothing, swim diapers, and regular diapers. It’s better to have more than you think you’ll need to handle any unexpected situations.

Enjoy every moment as you introduce your little one to the wonders of the beach. Have a fantastic beach day with your beach baby! 

Happy Summer to you all my friends!

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