Things that can make your home seem impersonal.

 Picture, if you will, someone coming into your home for the very first time. Ask yourself, would they be able to get to know you from your wall decor and artwork? If the answer is no, perhaps it’s time to explore the reason why.

I recently had a conversation with an interior designer friend of mine about the reasons why some homes tend to look impersonal. After a long chat, we figured the biggest reason a space can seem impersonal, boring and lacking personality is the OVERUSE of mass-produced art and wall decor. The kind of mass-produced art and wall decor usually found at big brand stores like Hobby Lobby and Home Goods.

Fewer things can make a home seem impersonal quicker than using mass production artwork ONLY to decorate the walls in your home.

It is all about the mix in decorating walls.

 One way to add personality to your home is to dress up your walls in style with a mix of art, prints and unique statement pieces then throw in a few items from Home Goods.

There are so many amazing wall décor ideas that go beyond the usual two-dimensional options. For instance, if you have an eclectic, breezy style, consider items like hats, plants or baskets. Or, if you prefer a more simple, traditional look then go for an oversized print with a unique frame.

Don’t just automatically think of framed, mass-produced art to hang on the wall. Go beyond to add personality. Let the walls tell your story.

It doesn’t need to be a houseful of original art.

I would love a houseful of original art, but my budget will never allow for that. Instead, I have a mix.

Over the years I’ve picked up original art pieces from estate sales and I really love them. Then, I’ve added in a few prints from sites like Etsy and Artfully walls and balanced it out with a few items thrown in from Home Goods.

And, Walla! My walls tell my story with things I love! My home feels unique and personal just the way I like it.

Where to find unique things to hang on the walls.

Even if you are working with a small amount of decorating dollars there are so many places to find unique and affordable art and wall decor on almost any budget.

Below I list some of my all-time favorite places to find unique art!

  • Estate Sales – I have found my most favorite and unique artwork from Estate sales. Each piece is personal and one of kind. Treasures in the rough. I use an Estate Sale app on my phone to preview all upcoming sales. This makes it easier to decipher which sales I want to go to. My favorite sales are ones where the previous owner has an artsy and creative flare. I am more likely to find truly unique pieces of art on almost any budget.
  • Etsy – Etsy is another great place to find unique art on any budget. A simple search through Esty and you are sure to find something you love. You can find canvas paintings, prints, collages, murals, and posters, all of which vary widely in price, so you don’t have to worry about your budget. On top of this, you can even have personalized artworks made for you by Etsy’s fantastic artists.

One of my favorite places to find beautiful and unique art on Etsy is: Clare Elsaesser

  • Local Artists- local art fairs – Art fairs (and arts and craft fairs) are popular among local artist communities everywhere. From big cities to beach towns, you’re sure to find original and unique pieces all while supporting local artists.
  • Thrift stores – I picked up some great pieces at Salvation army. Vintage and cute pieces that I love to fill in on my gallery walls were also found at Savers.  A tip when looking for art at second hand shops is to look for nice quality frames, they will make most pieces look way more expensive than the $5 you paid.
  • Artfully Walls – another place I have found art for my home is a website called Artfully Walls. This website is a great place to find good quality prints at good prices. It is also a good place to find inspiration for gallery walls. There are hundreds of artists to check out. Take a look. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Digital downloads – Digital downloads are a fast and affordable way to add art to your home. You can even add the digital downloads to your frame tv to make it look like art. It is simple and convenient and there are so many sources to find amazing art.

1- Juniper Print Shop (they have Frame TV downloads too)

2 – Lindsay Letters (lettering and simple art)

3 -Heirloom Print Shop (vintage inspired art)

4 -Etsy I just searched “printable art” !

I find budget friendly frames at IKEA and Target!

Regardless of what your personal decorating style is, the most important way to make your home feel unique and personal is to add a mix of art, prints and unique statement pieces and avoid the OVERUSE of mass-production art. And, most importantly, take your time and pick things you love.

 Don’t just automatically think of framed, mass-produced art to hang on the wall. Go beyond to add personality. Let the walls tell your story.

Happy Decorating!!

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