Tips for Thrifting Home Decor

Decorate your home with thrifted décor and make it look amazing!

Turning a house into a home comes down to making it uniquely your own and bringing a style that reflects your interests and ideas.

It’s more than the furnishings that reflect style in your home. Equally important are color schemes, lighting and the accessories, then pulling it together to make the house come alive.

My home is furnished and accessorized with about 50% thrifted home decor! From vintage flea markets, antiquing, estate sales, yard sales, Facebook marketplace, you name it and I find it.

Over the years my decorating has unfolded into a mix of charming items found all over the state and beyond. I enjoy finding unique pieces and buying second hand. Estate sales are my favorite place to discover amazing accessories, art and collectibles. Items I bring into my home add a mix of interest and provide the collected look I love. To me, thrifted accessories add layers of personality.

One benefit of thrift store home decor is that it is affordable and fun to make it all your own.

Sometimes, I’ll find the perfect piece that can go straight into my home; other times, I might need a little creativity to transform a secondhand accessory into the décor. But with a bit of creativity, any thrift or estate sale find can be customized to fit your home’s aesthetic.

Thrift shopping 101

•Always shop with an open mind and keep your eyes peeled.
•Make sure you scan shelves from top to bottom; sometimes, the best finds are just out of reach.

Whether your new accessory becomes part of a gallery wall or earns a spot on your fireplace mantel, there is a perfect place in your home to showcase your latest vintage find.

Below I share some handy tips for thrifting fun home décor items.

Top 5 Best Tips for Thrifting Home Decor-

1- ESTATE SALES- I have an Estate Sale app on my phone that I use to preview all upcoming sales. The app makes it convenient to plan a day of thrift shopping by listing sale times and an assortment of pictures to preview in advance. Sometimes the junkiest looking estate sales have the best vintage items at good prices.  I have found so many amazing things that I repurposed or just simply cleaned up that have become statement pieces in my home.

2- YARD SALES- Don’t do a drive by! Get out of the car and check it out. You never know what you will find. Think outside of the box when going yard sale shopping.  A vintage, chippy metal container for $1 or $2 might look like garbage but it can be used as a cute planter or pencil holder.

3- THRIFT STORES- Can I just say, GO OFTEN- Salvation Army, Savers and Goodwill all put new items out daily and throughout the day so there are always new items.

 4- BE WILLING TO DIG- There are always hidden gems amongst things you would actually never think to buy & think belong in the garbage rather than being sold.

5- SHOP THRIFT FIRST- Check Facebook marketplace, offer up and other local online resale sources FIRST before purchasing big items. I got a Jenny Lind Crib for my granddaughter for $50.00. That is a huge savings compared to buying new.

Bring out your personal flare and personality with thrifted decor and things that bring you the most joy. That’s what makes a home come to life. 

Happy Thrifting!

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